Our Mission

We are the place for anyone who wants to experience the fun in the entertainment industry where has no hidden rule,
no harassment, and no biases. With our support, anyone here can easily get the opportunities to put one's talent
into the entertainment program of his/her own or others.

We Are Here For You

Whatever role (actor, actress, singer, script writer, animation director, photographer, etc.) you are or you want to be, you will find our platform helpful and fun.

All you need to start is to register an account on the website and update your profile accordingly, you will be provided with adequate instructions afterwards. Professional or amateur, full-time or part-time, you could always choose to experience the career and fun in the way you want.

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MicroHollywood Community Welcome You

In the MicroHollywood community you can socialize and collaborate freely with other members from different backgrounds. There will be lots of various social events and activities for facilitating networking and interaction among members.

You Do Not Need To

  • Move to Hollywood or anywhere
  • Quit your job
  • Invest your own money
  • Hire an agent or broker
  • Partner with anyone you don't like or know

Goals of Our Community

  • Establish industry standardization
  • Provide transparency
  • Promote professional ethics
  • Respect creation
  • Help everbody enjoy the fun